HTS-528 Cast Iron Repair

The strongest brazing rod made for joining cast iron and steel, HTS-528 is thin flowing for close-fit joining and repairs on all cast iron, steel, copper, bronze, nickel, and brass. It also will effectively join dissimilar metals. Master Welders rate its wetness on ferrous and non-ferrous metals as excellent, and while it is very hard, it is still fully machinable.

The perfect rod to use for high-heat applications up to 760�C , such as a cast iron manifold, or for high-stress areas, including joining cast iron ears or repairing cracks in blocks, or for body work like replacing sheet metal on your rusty floor of your car.

Tensile Strength: 102,000 Bonding Temperature: 760�C . Hardness: 92 Brinell
Elongation: 30% Flow: Excellent Fuming: Low
. AWS SPEC: A 5.7 .

Instructions for the 528-Brazing Rods

Melting the base metal is not necessary since the 528 rod has a built-in flux. Consequently, clearance should be around .003 for maximum tensile and shear strength. The 528 rod takes extreme heat, above 760�C to penetrate the pores of the metal so you will need oxygen and gas to produce this heat. HTS-528 can be used to braze cast iron, brass, nickel, copper, and more than 50 different kinds of steel, including stainless. Open the pours around the area to be repaired, drill, and grind out a U shape in the metal, so it is no longer a hairline crack.


We recommend first practicing with cast iron by grinding a slot 1 - 3mm wide into the metal. Use a brazing tip to bring the metal to 760�C . The metal will start to turn red at 315�C, but continue heating, test the rod on the metal 5-6 mm outside the bulk of the flame. The rod has a flux core that will melt much lower than the rod, so if the rod itself will not melt, have patience. When you are close to 760�C, it will look like you're going to burn a hole in the metal but do not worry. Once you see the rod itself is melting, scratch the rod all around the area to be repaired. The rod will melt and, with the help of the flux core, will fuse down into the metal.


When you pull the torch away, it will be cherry red for about 20 seconds. If you have followed the instructions explicitly and scratched the rod all around the area to be repaired thoroughly allowing the flux to mix with the melted rod you will have the strongest weld possible on that particular metal. You may then grind, shape, polish, and paint as desired.


Check out our demonstration videos to see how you can use HTS 2000 Aluminium welding rods


Aluminium Thread Repair

Thread repair is easy with the HTS-2000 second-generation brazing rod. If you're looking for a Helicoil thread repair alternative you've come to the right place. With our industrial-strength brazing rod, simply fill a hole with the brazing rod material and drop a hot steel bolt into it. When cool, the steel bolt can be backed out and new threads are produced.

You probably know that sickening feeling already. You've tightened a bolt almost as tight as it can go and you give it that one last twist "just for good measure" and then you feel the wrench spinning freely and loosely. You've stripped the threads. With our HTS-2000 brazing rod, you can complete your thread repair in minutes.

The HTS-2000 is permanent, erosion resistant and can be done with any torch. Three times stronger and more flexible than the first generation rods, the thread repair made with our product is stronger than the original material.

Simpler to use than Helicoil, our HTS-2000 brazing rod can repair threads for many automotive, aerospace, military and industrial applications. Unlike Helicoil, there are no inserts, taps, gages and tang break-off tools to mess with. As with Helicoil, though, you will most likely need an oversized drill bit to drill out the hole, first.

Instead of placing inserts into the hole, use a torch and drop some off our high-tech brazing rod material right into the hole. Heat the steel bolt to 400�C or above and drop the bolt into the hole. Let the metal cool for 15 - 30 minutes and then using a spanner, back out the steel bolt from the hole. Your thread repair is complete. You've just repaired a thread faster, more efficiently and stronger than a Helicoil thread repair.

The HTS-2000 second-generation brazing rod requires no flux, is stronger than the base metal and melts at 260�C below that of aluminium. No welding machine is needed as any torch such as propane, butane, mapp, or an oxy-acetylene will do. For expert thread repair, you don't have to be expert to use our high-end brazing rod.

Check out our demonstration videos to see how you can use HTS 2000 Aluminium Brazing Rods


Examples of Actual Aluminium Repairs

Crack Before Repair
Crack After Repair
Thread Repaired
Thread Stress Test
Ear Before Repair
Ear After Repair



  1. Cost of Equipment � No argon gas, wire spool, gloves, shield, or electricity required.
  2. Portability � Stores easily, along with small torch.
  3. Skills Needed � Simple instructions virtually anyone can use. No flux, chemicals, or special cleaners required. 100% guaranteed.
  4. Danger � No high voltage electricity used.
  5. Oily Aluminium � Heli-arc boils aluminium and any impurities below the surface must be brought to the top and cleaned off.
  6. Thin Aluminium � Melts 260�C before aluminium.
  7. Different Alloys � Works with any alloy of aluminium or cast aluminium.
  8. Time Involved � Makes many repairs much quicker than conventional methods.
  9. Filling Holes � Instantly fills any size hole for threads much stronger than the original threads.
  10. Versatility � One product fills cracks or holes, rebuilds ears, seals leaks, or permanently bonds flat pieces.


Guaranteed to be the finest metal repair in the world!


Check out our demonstration videos to see how you can use HTS 2000 Aluminium Brazing Rods


Gas Welding

Gas welding of aluminium or other alloys is a snap with the HTS-2000 brazing rod. Many machine shops and repair shops who used to use Tig welding machines, heli-arc machines, and welding rods now rave about our second-generation brazing rods for gas welding that they use with a simple torch such as propane or mapp gas, a turbo tip, or oxy-acetylene.

Usually, when reactive metals such as aluminium are gas welded, they need to be covered with flux in order to exclude oxygen from the molten metal, keeping oxides from forming which in turn decrease the strength of the weld. With the HTS-2000 industrial-strength brazing rod, however, no flux is required for gas welding.

Because no welding machines are needed in gas welding, with our products it means much more portability for you. Your gas welding tank can be carried into the field for necessary repairs as needed and there is no need for an electrical outlet nearby. In addition, gas welding tanks are portable on a truck or a trailer, self sufficient and the equipment is relatively of low cost. Portability around a large shop is also important for those doing gas welding and our high-end brazing rod helps in this endeavor.

When combined with a gas welding torch, the HTS-2000 offers more tensile strength and elongation, the ability to penetrate past impurities like antifreeze, oil, and corrosion and a melting temperature 260�C less than that of aluminium. The welded area will become stronger than the surrounding base metal. In addition, gas welding with our industrial-strength brazing rod can be used to fabricate or repair trucks, tractors, diesel engines, automobiles, airplanes, motorcycles, aluminium boats, gutters, ladders, awnings, brackets and aluminium rivets.

When beginning your gas welding project, the flame can be directed to impinge primarily upon the thicker element which should absorb more heat. The thinnest element can be shielded in part from the flame by interposing our high-tech brazing rod as needed. The filler metal deposition rate is easily controlled by pushing or pulling the brazing rod from the tip of the welding gas flame.

For more detailed info of the many uses of the HTS-2000 brazing rod, Check out our demonstration videos


Welding Alternative

Welding machine be gone! That is the cry you will hear from us as no welding machine is necessary when using our HTS-2000 and HTS-528 high-end brazing rods. If you're looking for a new welding machine or welding machine supplies, why not try something that is much more portable and costs far less to operate?

With our industry-strength brazing rods all that is needed is a heat source such as such as butane, propane, mapp, or an oxy-acetylene torch. In fact, when you've made the switch to our line of products you will never go back to your old welding machine again. Why be tied down to a welding machine when you can bring your torch where its needed and get even better results?

For aluminium brazing and welding, our HTS-2000 second-generation brazing rods provide more tensile strength and greater elongation than other products. For aluminium repair that is stronger than a welding machine try our no flux rods, which can fabricate and repair all sorts of items including trucks, diesel engine, automobiles, tractors, airplanes, motorcycles, aluminium boats, ladders, aluminium rivets, fuel tanks, wheels, awnings, gutters, brackets and even do thread repair.

Because of its superior advanced technology, our brazing rod has rendered the welding machine obsolete. It is manufactured with nine alloys in a hi-tech process that makes it three times more flexible and stronger than any other rod on the market.

Still holding onto that welding machine? For cast iron, steel, copper, bronze, nickel, and brass welding projects, try our new HTS-528 industrial-strength brazing rod. Melting the base metal is not necessary since the HTS-528 rod has a built-in flux and is extremely effective in joining dissimilar materials. The 528 is the perfect rod to use for high-heat applications up to 760�C including joining cast iron ears or repairing cracks in blocks.

So, whether you're working with aluminium, cast iron or other metals and need the flexibility, portability and durability that a torch and our product line can provide, isn't it time you put that welding machine in a corner and tried something that will make your life a little easier?


See our  demonstration videos to see how you can use HTS 2000 Aluminium brazing rods and put that welding machine to rest.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.


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